Sunday, June 30, 2013

YouLikeHits Points Generator, no YouLikeHits bot needed!

YouLikeHits Points Generator, no YouLikeHits bot needed! [AUGUST 2014]

Are you familiar with Youlikehits bot or Youlikehits iMacros? But have you heard about Youlikehits points generator or Youlikehits hack? Yes, they are real and we provide them!

Our innovation Youlikehits points generator was coding by anonymous hack team by two months and here you can see the test results. With Youlikehits hack you no longer need to use iMacros or any bot who needs to run on your pc 24/7 in order to get you Youlikehits free points. Our Youlikehits generator makes them in the blink of an eye!

How does YouLikeHits Points Generator work?

While we can't share details in obvious reasons, our program using security leak in order to get to the point system. This happens via administration panel so non of staff member will know about your activity unless you add like billions of points into your account. That's why you need to use our tool smart, adding small numbers of points. But hey - you can use our YouLikeHits Generator as often as you want!

YouLikeHits hack - Installation and Instruction

YouLikeHits Generator is easy to use and fast. All you need is download application below and run it. This window will appear:

youlikehits bot

Then, enter your YouLikeHits username (no password required so your account is safe with you!) and click Detect so YouLikeHits Generator can find your account on the website. Now go to Add Points section and select number of points you need.

youlikehits bot

We recommend to use different numbers each time you use YouLikeHits points glitch for safety reasons. Now click ADD button and wait till YouLikeHits Generator end its work. Done! Refresh your profile and see the numbers growing!

In short:
Download YouLikeHits hack
Run it
Enter your usernam
Click Decect
Go to Add Points section
Choose number of points
Click Add button
If you still confused with whole process please watch our YouLikeHits hack in action

YouLikeHits Points Adder Download

Let us help you walk through the download process.Because Internet is full of bots who like to steal files or overload servers or steal users download line, we decided to lock this file that only human can unlock it and download our free app. It can be confusing but please be patient and pay attention.
Before your download starts, please make sure you turned off every program that block ads. (i.e Adblock (FireFox), AdFender, AdHunter (Maxthon) etc.) Or refresh blocked window. If the file is blocked by a task/survey please complete it to prove you are a human. This is security measure from our host company to prevent robots from flooding servers. Plus, you are sure that robots didn’t took your download line.

Start downloading YouLikeHits hack tool by clicking button below:

Note: make sure you got Ad blocking programs disabled. They can interrupt your download process! (AdBlock,AdHunter,AdFender)

youlikehits bot

youlikehits bot


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